Workday Workshops

Offering a safe space,
For the Workplace

Stress, depression, and anxiety are, unfortunately, part of the modern human condition.

Statistics show that an increasing amount of people are struggling with mental wellness issues. Thankfully, we’re now talking more openly about these problems than ever before.

Life event stress makes up a significant part of the general mental wellness crisis. Taking care of an aging family member, grief, relationship conflict, and the changes in people’s lives that Covid has brought on are some of the life events that can affect your employees at work.

Stress, if left untreated, can cause serious mental wellness problems for employees. There’s a financial burden, too; stress can lead to serious drops in productivity and end up costing a huge amount for your business.

We offer workshops during business hours, which can be done either during lunch time or another time slot selected by the business when setting up the workshop.  Depending upon the topic, certain times of day might be more appropriate.  For heavier topics, it is highly suggested to choose a time range closer to the end of the work day so your team can process privately after the discussion.  For lighter topics and general mental wellness education, lunch hours or other times during the business day are appropriate.

Life events do not cease to exist once a person logs in for work and work impacts people’s quality of life when they go home.  We are here to help your business provide support for that reciprocal journey.  Our team of experts in their fields is focused on helping you build a community of support for your team.  We centralize education, resources, and support in one place so your team members can focus on wellness, finding answers, discovering, learning, and connecting.  

Through our workshops, we empower the people who power your business.