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You Are Not Alone.

So many of us search for answers, but feel alone and do not know where to turn for help. Our mental wellness workshops provide an inclusive, safe place to come together, learn from experts in mental wellness, and gain a clearer understanding of how to help ourselves and those around us on our journeys in life.

Wellness Workshops



Our workshops are designed to be educational and empowering, with a variety of psychology-based topics presented by community leaders and experts providing practical resources and tools. Our workshops are currently virtual. We hope to add in-person workshop options in the future, depending upon the trajectory of the pandemic. Register today to gain education, resources, and support to navigate life's events.

A Matter Of Balance, How To Care For Yourself While Caring For Another

Making decisions for another human being is both an honor and a curse. To advocate for someone who cannot advocate for themselves can be challenging and beautiful. I hold a Masters in Clinical Psychology degree and have worked with the aging population. As a caregiver for my parents I feel I have experienced what the journey looks like and would like to share that with you. At the completion of this workshop you will have a better understanding of what you might encounter taking care of the aging person in your life. While the journey is different for everyone there are many similarities in the process of aging. We will look at the spectrum of services targeted for the aging population and introduce the field of aging services. We will also look at how to take care of yourself and the resources available for you.

Part 1
Saturday, June 18, 2022 / 10a-12p PST

Part 2
Saturday, June 25, 2022/ 10a-12p PST

Healthy Families, Combatting Chaos: Part 2

This workshop will delve into healthy boundaries and structure for combatting the chaos that can often occur for families of all kinds, with a section highlighting child psychology/families with children. Participants can expect to receive psychology and neuroscience-based education and resources for creating more emotionally healthy and lower stress family dynamics. This is part two in a two-part series. While it is not required to attend both workshops, it is encouraged to make the most of the material and tools provided.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Dreamwork: How Dreams Connect Sensitives To Our Intuition

As sensitive people, we know there is a thin line between our everyday world and the world of our night-time dreams. When we go into caves or basements or encounter wild animals like the crocodile or the lion in our dreams, we are touching unexplored parts of our own self. Our dreams contain not just things we’ve denied about ourselves, but also the very gold in our psyches. In this workshop, Ritu Kaushal will help you explore ways to both work & play with your dream symbols & use them to build a stronger bridge to your intuition & to your authentic self.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Upcoming and Future Topics

Accessible to Everyone

This business and our website were designed with accessibility in-mind. It’s important to us to remain available to all. We welcome all constructive feedback in an effort to add greater accessibility. Additionally, we understand that the ongoing pandemic has created additional challenges for many. We offer educational pricing for all students and teachers in any learning program. We also offer financial assistance for those in-need who would like to attend a workshop. If you have additional questions and/or need assistance in finding resources, please reach out to us.

Work Day Workshops

The work space is optimal in supporting a culture of mental and physical wellness, as there are communication structures and social support networks already in-place.  It has been proven to be successful- for individual employees, for teams, and companies as a whole- when employers promote awareness and support for mental health and stress management.  In the midst of the increased pressures businesses and employees are facing during the ongoing pandemic, this is more important now than ever.

We offer group-style workshop facilitation that employers can offer to their employees during the work day.  These workshops are designed to cover a variety of topics surrounding mental wellness, ranging from lighter to heavier subjects, such as meditation or grief.  These workshops centralize education, resources, and support for life events and team dynamics, empowering your team to grow individually and collectively.  You can request a work-day workshop for your team by clicking the button below.

Words for Wellness

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